'Making school communication and change a positive reality'

Ensuring your commitment to innovative, effective and timely action. Working 'on' your school not 'in' your school

Do you struggle with social media risk in your school?

  • Is it time to feel good about your social media risk and your school reputation?
  • Is your school an online role model for your community?
  • Does your social media team have the right skills and knowledge?
  • Do you want your community to celebrate your school’s real story?
  • Is it time to bring your parents back to positivity?
  • Does your social media tell a consistent story?

Our process works across the education industry

  • Small Schools
  • Rural and remote schools
  • Primary schools
  • High schools
  • Central schools
  • Private and independent schools
  • International schools
  • Registered Training Organisations
  • Universities and colleges
  • Education Boards
  • Education Authorities
  • ...and more

We Don't Just Care About Social Media. We Care About Schools.

What makes our process so different?


Peter managed to identify the impact of social media on our school, mitigate our risk, design policies and train staff to develop a highly engaged online community. It has been an insightful process.

Jerry Szombathy 
Chinese International School Hong Kong

How to Get Social Media Right

'Discover how our process has helped schools like yours to break the cycle of negativity of social media and reinvigorate the positive spirit of parent engagement in schools'

What makes our process so different?

The Kai Ming Process teaches schools to stop marketing and start telling their story. Hundreds of schools have minimised their social media risk, built confidence and empowered their community to celebrate the true spirit of education in communities large and small. But how can you know if you have your social media and community engagement right in your school? The answer is to work with Peter.

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5 Minute Social Media

Risk Health Check

Three easy steps to understand your social media risk and take action for a safe, secure school.

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